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Let’s take a look at one of my favorite apartment complexes in the NW side. Today I visited NOVA Apartments in San Antonio. I came at a time where everything was being renovated, but based off the reputation they already have and the service I received alone, I have high hopes for this apartment to be a universal favorite among my clients. 

NOVA is in a prime location offering you easy access to most tourist and local attractions. You have easy access to the high way, which gives you a quick way to get to downtown, San Antonio’s most popular mall, six flags, and some local favorite parks. 

They offer multiple different layouts and square footage options ranging from a 597 sq ft studio to a 1,400 sq ft 3 bedroom apartment. 

Aside from the staff being so lovely from the minute I walked in, the amenities at NOVA are also convenient and a great add on to the liftoff reasons why I loved visiting here. They offer two dog parks, two pools, a coffee bar, a 24 hour fitness center, walking trailsand of course with summer being here now – you can’t forget about the barbecue grills open to the residents!

This is one of my favorite apartments to visit and I can’t wait to show it to you all! 

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Halah Al-Hamaydeh

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